How it started!


One day Elizabeth received by e-mail, the story of The Ribbon.

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This story touched her in such a profound way that she just knew that she had to take it further.  With the help of her son-in-law she designed the ribbon, had some printed up and immediately started acknowledging the people in her life who have made a difference to her.  She told them of how they had inspired her and asked them if she could pin the ribbon on them. She gave each of them 3 more ribbons and asked them to acknowledge the people who had made a difference in their life.

She took the idea to the local school – a small country school – and the principal quickly saw that this would fit right into the program that he had instigated to encourage students to feel better about themselves and to honour and respect others.  The school purchased 500 ribbons and set about putting the story into effect with the students.

Elizabeth loves the ‘pay it forward’ concept and believes that in passing on the ribbons we can pay forward an appreciation of an act of kindness, admiration of a job well done, a thank you for an example of courage, and so on.

The opportunity to pass on a ribbon is only limited by our lack of observation or our motivation to get out there and do it.

We may never know when the act of acknowledging someone
with a ribbon is going to be the catalyst that could change their

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Please note that Elizabeth is NOT the author of the original story.  All acknowledgement and appreciation is given to the New York school teacher, whoever and wherever she is.