Monthly Archive May 8, 2008


Getting in Touch With Me.

I’m feeling angry and misunderstood
And people are getting me down.
The days are too hot and the nights too cold;
I’m looking at life with a frown.
I’m doing the gardening but not smelling the roses;
Everything seems out of whack.
A friend hurt me the other day
And I’ve even wondered about “getting her back”.
Life’s just too busy and I feel ‘fed up’
I’m out of balance it’s plain to see.
I know I need to make the time –
To get in touch with me.
I feel so impatient some of the time
When someone just wants a hand.
And I get all stressed out when something turns up
That wasn’t quite what I planned.
I’m feeling out of breath and pulled this way and that
There’s not enough time in the day.
I don’t feel like talking to anybody;
I just want them all to go away.
I’m feeling judgemental and I don’t like that
I know it’s not the way to be;
But it’s very hard to look at things straight –
When I’m not in touch with me.
This morning when I woke I made a choice
To take some time for me.
I even rested and did absolutely nothing;
Feeling happy – just to be.
I read a story that inspired me;
I gardened – but also smelled the flowers.
I sat under a tree, then hugged one or two
And just breathed in their magnificent powers.
The anger and impatience is starting to go;
And that hurtful friend, I’ll send love, then just let her be.
Some uplifting music touched my soul –
I’m getting in touch with me.
I noticed the beautiful birds overhead;
I admired the sky; that’s strange – it’s bluer today!
And I don’t think I’ll feel so sensitive
To the hurtful things some people say.
I’m feeling a peace starting to creep in
That hasn’t been there in a long time.
And this road of life that I’m travelling on
Doesn’t seem such a steep climb.
I’m experiencing joy in the simple things;
It feels so good just to be.
And I’ve realised out of all this
That I like getting in touch with me.
Written by Elizabeth